Possessive Print

Possessive Print

Speedball water-soluble block printing ink on hand cut 6"×8 Thai Unryu paper (40gsm). Two blocks, not reduction printed.

Toxic is printed in red, fluorescent blue, and fluorescent lime inks.
Bisexual flag is printed in violet, fluorescent blue, and fluorescent magenta inks.
Lesbian flag is printed in violet, fluorescent magenta, and fluorescent orange inks.
Red Alert is printed in red, turquoise, and metallic silver inks.
Plum is printed in black, red, fluorescent magenta, and turquoise inks.

***Final product may vary from what is pictured, as shifts and differences in paper are inherent to linocut printing. Additionally, the bright colors used are often hard to photograph, so some liberties may have been taking in balancing the image.